This short is unlike any of the others. It is written in third person, and it deals with a character who is only mentioned, but does not appear, in the book, Where Fools Dare to Tread. Jordan, is Agnes’ abusive former boyfriend, and in the book, it’s noted that Johnny D, Agnes’ boss, has Jordan taken care after he nearly kills Agnes.

He was held up by two men the size of linebackers. Blood was running down his chin, the result of his lip being split by a fist driving it into his teeth. A number of ribs were broken on his left side, making it hard for Jordan to breathe.

“Stay with me, Jordan,” the tall man the linebackers called Billy Ray cautioned him, “we’re not finished.

Jordan whimpered. The earlier bravado had left him quickly after the first of Billy Ray’s blows broke his ribs. No word play ensued, no clever back and forth between him and his assailants, and most important, there was no escape.

They grabbed him not far from the apartment where he’d worked the woman over, given her what he thought she deserved. She’d asked for it; he’d told her any number of times what would happen. You can’t be angry or surprised when warnings are carried out.

And yet, he was surprised. Johnny had warned him, but he didn’t listen. She wasn’t worth a fuck to begin with, he told himself. Why would Johnny care?

Billy Ray broke Jordan’s nose with a left cross. Jordan could only groan much as he tried to scream. No air. A hook to the solar plexus left him limp. Billy Ray brushed off his hands and the linebackers let go of bloody mess between them.

“Johnny is a reasonable man, eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, and as you did not kill the woman, he sees no need to kill you so long as you stay out of California.” Billy Ray kneeled down and faced Jordan Dekker. “Unfortunately, we’re in Nevada now and certain individuals here have issues with you as well.” Billy Ray shook his head and sighed. “Neils Dornan isn’t as understanding.”

Jordan watched as Billy Ray got up and grabbed the bat off the hood of the car. “Please,” dribbled out of his mouth along with the drool and blood.

Billy Ray raised the bat over his head.

Jordan’s last act on earth was to cry.

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