And The Reviews Are In!

Verdict: WHERE FOOLS DARE TO TREAD is a well-crafted, enjoyable and intriguing mystery… IndieReader

A tangled but engrossing mystery populated by dynamic characters-  Kirkus Reviews 

The great thing about getting your book published is that finally, people will be able to see what an incredible writer you are and devote their time, energy, and yes, a little cash, to all your hard work. It’s why writers are so stoked pre-publication; it’s like the week pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training and for a brief shining moment every team has a chance to be World Series winners.

Naturally, that unrealistic high fades as the prospect of 162 games of mediocrity wields its ugly head, furthered by the sport’s prognosticators thumbs down on your teams competitiveness for the upcoming season.

Books, like MLB teams, are subject to review; we submit them, and we pay for the privilege, because word of mouth matters and good reviews sell. Which is all good and fine if you’re a reviewer-and many of us do review-but being on the receiving end is a perverse kind of torture; you want an honest appraisal that both defines and delineates, but also loves unconditionally.

Sadly, such is not to be, mainly because no book is perfect, and for the most part all art is subjective. Be that as it may, each review is like a year-end performance review from any number of bosses and fellow employees that becomes both numbing and anxiety provoking at the same time.

My new book, Where Fools Dare to Tread, is being reviewed and the reviews have been positive, and yet as a writer I feel the constant need to rebute the review and/or the criticism even though it’s highly unlikely that I would change the reviewer’s mind and not come off as whiny and defensive, and no one wants that.

I will say it’s very interesting. Typically, I have a standard routine, first comes fear, “It’s going to be terrible and I’m doomed”, then after a few days hiding in the closet I break down and read the review and am bummed they don’t love it unconditionally. Once I get off the floor, I reread the review, concede their points and hope I don’t have to repeat this ever again or until the next review rears its, potentially, ugly head.

I don’t know how I plan on getting through the reader’s reviews when the book is actually published.

Please see above routine.

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